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The REDDX Initiative

Over US$7.3 billion has been pledged to support REDD+ readiness in the run up to 2015, with US$4.3 billion projected to be spent in the period between 2010 and 2012. Yet despite high level multilateral and bilateral financial commitments, information remains limited on exactly how much of this money is actually flowing to the national level, the types of REDD+ activities being supported, and the organizations managing and implementing these activities.

Forest Trends tracked REDD+ finance in thirteen countries from 2009 through 2014 to determine:

  • Commitments and disbursements of REDD+ finance;
  • Timelines between when funds are committed and disbursed;
  • The types of organizations receiving and implementing the REDD+ activities (e.g. government, NGOs, large international consulting firms and consultants, or community organizations);
  • Types of activities supported by the current financial commitments.

The aim of this initiative has been to provide information that will help governments and other REDD+ stakeholders better assess gaps and needs against national REDD+ strategies and to have a better understanding of the financial flows associated with REDD+ financing.

The project was financed through the generous support of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety’s International Climate Initiative (ICI), the Skoll Foundation and the Rights and Resources Initiative.

The REDDX initiative is a central pillar of Forest Trend’s Forest Trade and Finance Program which aims to conserve forests by tracking investment in forest conservation and trade in sustainable forest products.

REDDX Overview


Through the REDDX initiative, Forest Trends provides information that allows governments and additional REDD+ stakeholders to understand the financial flows associated with REDD+ financing to better assess gaps and needs against national REDD+ strategies. For an overview of our initiative you can view and download our brochure here


About Our In-Country National Partners

Partner MapL’Ecole Régionale post-universitaire d’Aménagement et gestion Intégrée des Forêts et territoires TropicauxWildlife Conservation Society -PNGSPDA PeruFundación NaturaCentro Mario MolinaSADs LiberiaECFFConservation International - GuyanaPelangi Indonesia EcoDecision NCRC Forest Trends IDESAM

REDDX Partner Network

Partner Brochure Forest Trends works in partnership with local in-country civil society groups and with national REDD+ government Focal Points across Latin and South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Together, we deliver a comprehensive national inventory of REDD+ financial commitments, disbursements, and REDD+ activities while also building transparency and accountability in the mechanisms through which REDD+ finance is delivered. To learn more about our REDDX Network you can view and download our partner brochure here


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If you would like more information on the REDDX initiative please contact us at:

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